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Parent Directory - 32K_ampex_core.bin 16-Nov-2013 20:43 128K 32k Core Memory Boar..> 09-Nov-2013 20:39 2.7M BYTE_July_1976_-_Coi..> 05-Oct-2013 23:31 1.4M IBMCoreArraysIEEEMag..> 06-Oct-2014 17:21 2.2M SN55326,SN55327.pdf 06-Oct-2014 17:18 619K core memory bottom.JPG 05-Oct-2013 23:31 2.4M core memory box 1.JPG 05-Oct-2013 23:31 2.5M core memory box 2.JPG 05-Oct-2013 23:31 2.2M core memory box 3.JPG 05-Oct-2013 23:31 2.1M core memory side 1.JPG 05-Oct-2013 23:31 1.2M core memory side 2.JPG 05-Oct-2013 23:31 1.4M core memory side 3.JPG 05-Oct-2013 23:31 1.7M core memory side 4.JPG 05-Oct-2013 23:31 1.2M core memory top.JPG 05-Oct-2013 23:31 1.7M core4.txt 06-Oct-2014 17:17 6.4K coreexerciser1.JPG 04-Nov-2013 15:13 1.0M coreexerciser2.JPG 04-Nov-2013 15:13 1.2M dh3467cn.pdf 06-Oct-2014 17:18 51K intel p3205 and p340..> 06-Oct-2014 17:18 128K mc75453.pdf 06-Oct-2014 17:18 108K n8t98n.pdf 06-Oct-2014 17:18 233K smallercore1.JPG 10-Oct-2013 16:43 3.9M smallercore2.JPG 10-Oct-2013 16:43 3.8M smallercore3.JPG 10-Oct-2013 16:43 3.9M sn55232j.pdf 06-Oct-2014 17:18 91K sn55244.pdf 06-Oct-2014 17:18 230K ti databook with cor..> 05-Oct-2013 23:33 13M ti-core-mem-1973.pdf 06-Oct-2014 17:18 4.2M ua747.pdf 06-Oct-2014 17:18 58K