More LED fun

Well I worked a bit more on it and I have achieved 24 bit colour… though it has issues. The LED’s “gamma” is all wrong, so that will be the next thing to work on. At first I was worried about getting the PWM to work, but that proved to be simple. I finished that up and got the first light with the new PWM system.

And now… it’s plasmatime! The plasma here bubbles and roils and moves around at about 40-50 fps. Pictures don’t do it justice.

In the last picture, it looks like some LEDs don’t work. This is just because the first palette entry is 0. I forgot to edit it to replace it with the right colour. The next step I guess is to correct the brightnesses somehow since all the colours are waaay too bright except green. Whenever blue is on with another colour it overpowers it and washes it out. Yellows become somewhat orange, too since red is too powerful also.

So, that’s all for now!