More SID tunes!

Well I converted my other SID player code I wrote ages ago so that it can write to my SID that is sitting at a rather unorthodox 06000h. I tweaked a few things and got all the distortion and crap out. I found out that my noise on channels 1 and 2 was dead though. Noise on channel 0 worked fine, however. This is because when in reset, the state machine is reset too, which can only init the first LFSR. whoops. I manually poked the test bits which loaded the goodies into the remaining 2 channels and they worked fine after that.

Anyways, if you want about 9 minutes of SID bliss, from the editor “Studio 64”, this is your lucky day. Tune #4 is an amusing rendition of “Sweet Dreams”. giggle.

Listen to it!