Well it’s been awhile since the last update. I did alot of work on the FPGA synthesizer thingus. No pics or video yet unfortunately; most of it has been internal work so not much to show. I added FM synthesis and pokey.

Anyways, today’s hotness is LEDs. Lots of LEDs. Bucketloads of LEDs. I obtained a 72*24 RGB LED matrix board with drivers and stuff on it. I spent a few hours and traced it out and got it going. Here’s some pics of the fun.

(click some for bigness)

This is the “first light”. I have some patterns and a frame buffer going, but one of the drivers was hooked up wrong. Probing little tiny FPGA pins with a multimeter can be a pain.

Not much to say here, just a test.

Aaand, the other test screen (which is actually a continuation of the above)

Thought I’d try a cheap “diffuser” (piece of paper)

Finally, a bit overexposed.

My poor bench supply didn’t have the balls to run this very well, and the output was drooping by almost 2 volts! Next step is to try a small part of the array with 12 bit colour to see what happens.