SID Filter

I dinked around some more on the filter circuit, totally redoing part of it again. I think I have the framework down now for the “could be final” version. Time will tell. Anyways, here’s some more pics and sounds and things. I know the Fc curve isn’t correct just yet, but now I have the power to correct this in software I think. I have to make up a table and some other shiznit, but now that FC can easily be manipulated I am not too worried.

Here’s the lashup as it stands:

with the flash on

and with the flash off

Aaand here’s some audio:



Hard Track


Miami Vice


Poseidon: Planet Eleven


Walking Home

Zamzara, tracks 3 and 4 (track 4 is “hidden” and is not shown as playable in the SID file)

2 thoughts on “SID Filter”

  1. Wow, some great work here! What are the chances that the finished product could be used as a drop in replacement for the original SID? Also what SID version are you basing your design off, 6581 or 8580? (Iv’e always listened to 8580s and prefer them to the 6581)

    PS. is there any chance you could do a recording of MUSICIANS/W/Walker_Martin/Snare.sid tunes 1 and 2?

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