Videobrain RGB and fix

Woot, I seem to have fixed the problem with the crashing carts.  First the cart crashing.  I pulled BA12 down with a 1K resistor and that stopped all the crashing.  I am not totally satisfied with this, but it seems to have done the trick.  I tweaked the RGB mod I made a little bit, and the video quality is extremely sharp now.   I am thinking of doing a few other minor tweaks like EGA did to turn the dark yellow into a brownish-orange, and maybe whiten up the light blue.  I dunno yet.   I think it looks really good as-is.

So, on with the pictures:



Gladiator came out pretty good.  I really like that “random data” effect on the barriers.  I thought that looked sharp.  The graphics on this game are about tops for the system.  I had a little trouble with blooming when I took the picture and I stopped the camera down as far as it’d go.  Also, I found it amusing that the lion looks like it’s caught inside a clear plastic box, which gave it perfectly vertical sides.



Pinball and Checkers here.  The white bloomed a bit.  blah.  Also I noticed on the screenshots of this, that most of the colours were blown out and almost white.  I think this looks so much better, but that is subjective.



Sorry about morie patterns.  My camera’s CCD likes to heterodyne with the aperture grille on the monitor.  In real life it’s extremely sharp.  The pictures are a disappointment.



And finally the music teacher cart and the colour test.  I compared the colour test with the single picture of it I found, and I seem to think that this is kind of what they were going for.   Just the lack of precision resistors and adjustments sorta put the kibosh on it.  Your opinion most likely will vary from mine.

So now that it’s finally working properly, I will start doing some testing to suss out how DMA and everything else operates.