More SID Filter Work

Well, I dorked around with the filter some more. I boosted the gain up going into it and this seems to have produced some of the characteristic distortion, but it’s still not as distorty as I want. However it does seem to be sorta kinda somewhat getting a bit closer maybe to sounding like a real SID. I think.

Anyways enough of that. Here are the MP3s:

After the War

Alrite! (PRI)



Hard Track

Mechanicus tune 3

Snake Disco

Spijkerhoek (hey I spelled it right this time!)

One thought on “More SID Filter Work”

  1. Hi old chap! Just thought I’d say great work on the MP3’s. They’re not 100% accurate, but there certainly are similarities with the real thing! Good luck getting it working accurately, nothing is quite like the sound one of these babies can make, eh?

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