The SID Filter Lives!

OK, I just fired up my latest incarnation of the SID filter I’m working on and initial results seem fairly promising. Here’s the goods. NOTE: I am manually adjusting filter cutoff and depth here, I do not have it under SID control at this time. As such, it won’t sound exactly like the tune’s filter program, but eh it’s a test.

I tested some of the harder tunes to emulate, specifically Gloria which sounds cool when the filter distorts. Well it seems to sound pretty distorty to me.

NOTE: there’s some high frequency whistle in the filtered channel, this is due to aliasing between the DAC and the soundcard I think. I am investigating. It does not appear to be due to the filter oscillating.

LEFT channel is unfiltered, RIGHT channel is filtered. I have included two versions of two songs- one with filtered/unfiltered split, and one that is mono with both mixed together as if it were a real SID.

Gloria (filtered/unfiltered)
Gloria (mixed, mono)


Procession (filtered/unfiltered)
Procession (mixed, mono)